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The Cut Health Club offers small group training classes of Strength/Core, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Yoga, Pilates and Bootcamps. Class will run with a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that each participant is receiving the guidance and any assistance they require, with bookings required.

‘Thrive’ and ‘Golf Member Package’ members can access small group training classes as many times as you like.

Check out descriptions of our classes below:

Abs, Butts, Thighs: These sessions will target your Core, Legs and Glutes. It’s for all age groups, as our trainers can increase or decrease the difficulty depending on your fitness levels. It’s mainly body weight exercises, however some light weights may be included in some sessions.

Bootcamp: This is a workout with variety, depending on the weather, some of the stations can be outdoors. With a combination of strength and cardio, exercises will keep your body guessing.

HIIT: This session is a cardio style workout with short bursts of high intensity. It includes using weights and, in some cases, just your body. Our trainers adjust the intensity of the workout according to your fitness levels. Whether you are super fit or just starting out, we tailor the session to suit you.

Weight Training: This session is about lifting weight and learning new exercises under the watchful eye of a trainer. Adapted to suit your strength levels, you will feel the calories burning away.

Pilates: Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on core muscles while also training your arms and legs.

Beginners in the Gym: If you have never been in a gym before or you don’t know what to do, this is a great class to attend. Going over basic exercises and techniques you will build your confidence to enter more advanced classes. This session caters for people who have very low fitness levels.

Tabata: Tabata is a type of HIIT workout that aims to yield the most benefits in a short amount of time. For each exercise, you do eight rounds of 20 seconds of strenuous exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Fat Burner: This is a 30 minute class that uses a combination of cardio machines and matt work, predominantly focusing on your core.

Senior Strength: Like the normal strength classes with slight modifications to suit, although seniors can come to any class the senior classes are a slower paced workout.

All small group training classes run for 45 minutes.

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