Our mission is to introduce the game of golf in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. We pride ourselves with services delivered by highly trained and experienced coaches. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced golfer, our aim is to help you improve your game and forge a lifelong love affair with golf.

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Jim Heron


Ron Cooper

I have had 3 lessons with Jim, each one has been great, yes he has changed a few things with my grip swing and posture, which has played a great part in my distance and hitting straight. I have also booked further lessons with him, which shows the confidence I have in him as an instructor. If you do as he says and shows, then your golf game will improve. Plus as he rightly says, practice with buckets of balls on the range, and carry on booking your games to put what you have learned into your game.

Sue Harcus

I have had 3-hour lessons with Jim and in that time he has made a couple of adjustments to my grip and swing which in time will make me a better striker of the ball. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone wishing to start playing or to improve their game. I will be booking more lessons in the future to continue to improve my game.

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